The Dreamcatchers Youth Program

The Dreamcatchers Youth Program (DYP) is for youth from the ages 10 to 24. It is for Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit youth.

The Dreamcatchers Youth Program empowers Aboriginal Youth through holistic and culturally appropriate youth driven programs and services. DYP instills traditional Aboriginal values that address the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of Urban Aboriginal Youth.

DYP offers programming that will help build the skills and mental capacity of our future leaders. Youth can build on skills that will assist to increase educational performance, finding employment, developing leadership qualities, and instill life skills.

Positive interaction among peers is a major component for healthy growth. Recreational activities ensure this growth can occur, while promoting healthy living.

Cultural activities and community involvement programs offer spiritual exploration for youth. Traditional knowledge, languages, culture and identity are the well balanced holistic approaches used to create the programs offered within DYP.

Healthy living, youth leadership and community involvement are components in the programming for emotional support and development of participants by developing self-esteem, healing and instilling leadership.

DYP is a tool for Urban Aboriginal Youth to reclaim their inherent right to dream and to turn those dreams into reality.

Get Involved - To be effective, the Dreamcatchers Youth Program needs to be run by and for our youth. If you are between the ages of 14 and 24 years, and have great ideas and would like to make a difference for the Youth in your community, then why not join the Dreamcatchers Youth Council?


For further Information, contact:

Program coordinator, Deena Fontaine 
T: 613.722.3811 Ext. 228

Email: dreamcatchers