Akwe:go At-Risk Children's Program (ages 7-12)


The goal of the program is to provide urban Aboriginal children with support, tools and healthy activities which will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices.


There are five program objectives. These include:

  1. Provision of social supports to address self-esteem issues, victimization issues and peep pressure;
  2. Through outreach, the program aims to increase access to culturally appropriate services for Children in care and their families, and to include support and education for non-Aboriginal adoptive and foster parents;
  3. Promotion of health and physical development to address inter-related health impacts of poverty, diabetes, and obesity;
  4. Increase support for children in through institutional interventions, providing school suspension supports, direct access to computers and literacy initiatives, and encouraging healthy relationships with peers and authority figures, and;
  5. Increase support for children with FASD and/or Disabilities and their families by providing access to tutoring and mentoring, supervised physical activities and incorporating a parent support component.


The Akwe:go Program identifies children’s needs via an intake, needs analysis and client action plan process. If they become a client, they are offered support from the Akwe:go Program Worker during the time they receive service. Akwe:go strives to involve the parent/caregiver at the onset of receiving services, as parents must be present for an Intake, agree to and sign the client action plan with their child, and support the child by participating in and being a part of the child’s plan through the development and implementation of immediate, short and long term goals. Every three month, the Akwe:go Program Worker will revisit the client action plan and determine the progress the child has made and where additional services are required.

As mentioned previously, the program is to provide support and guidance within a cultural framework for children ages 7 – 12 that are at risk for specific negative behaviours and outcomes as a result of their circumstances in life. It will incorporate traditional cultural teachings and values to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. It is hoped that children involved in the program will enhance their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values and will demonstrate positive personal choices and develop awareness of the consequences of negative behaviours. The design of this program is based on one fundamental principle: to improved the quality of life of Urban Aboriginal children through the delivery of culturally appropriate activities and services.

Target group: At-Risk Urban Aboriginal Children ages 7 – 12.

Akwe:go's Hours of Operations

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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For further information, contact:

Terri-Lynn Hoskins
Odawa Native Friendship Centre
815 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON
K1K 3A7
(T) 613-722-3811 ext. 243
(F) 613-722-4667

If you would like to volunteer, please read this page:
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