Congratulations to Ms. Amy Nahwegahbow as Odawa’s President for the upcoming year.

Amy is Ojibway and a member of the Whitefish River First Nation who is currently working and raising a family in Ottawa. Amy obtained her B.A, Honours in Social Sciences and Native Studies at Trent University. For over 20 years, Amy has worked in research, policy, and advocacy at National Indigenous Organizations. Her work has focused on supporting Indigenous health knowledge and ethical research practices that help advance health policy and programs. For the past two years, Amy has served as the Vice President on the Odawa Board.

The President Amy Nahwegahbow

Here is a list of Odawa’s Board of Director’s for 2019-2020. Many thanks to all of the individual Board Members for taking on such important work for the Indigenous community of Ottawa. 

President: Amy Nahwegahbow

Vice-President: Ian Desjardins

Treasurer: Randy Mayes

Kevin Scholfield

Directors: Vanessa Stevens

Marie-Celine Charron

Claudia Meness

Jeanette Larche

Jacques Dalton

Please note that there are regularly scheduled Board Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Contact the board at: onfc-board or call Odawa at 613-722-3811.